There Are
Ways to consume caffeine
So, why put up with beverages which are typically…
The average UK consumer is said to spend £2,210 in coffee shops each year. This is an astronomical amount of money which could be put to much better use. Caffeine need not be expensive, and we’re a testament to that.
Let’s face it: how often do you ask your colleague for a cup of coffee, only to receive a luke-warm mixture of gone-off milk and own brand instant coffee. Enough is enough!
Don’t pretend you’ve never run for a bus with a coffee only to be told you’re unable to board with hot drinks. And even if you succeed on smuggling in your drink, you spend the rest of the journey attempting to predict where the road will smooth out to prevent staining another white shirt. Oh, and you probably need to visit the loo by this point.
Buying a coffee is like buying a commitment to finish a certain quantity of liquid within a certain time period. You can’t save some for later. Same goes for an energy drink, once you’ve popped that can open you’ve not long before that cold drink turns to a luke warm, sticky mess.
Despite what the hipsters tell you, most coffee tastes exactly like you’d expect. No amount of fancy glass and exotic blends can hide that distinctive flavour. One can only wonder how all energy drinks ended up tasting identical. Something something about a primary coloured bull.

It's time to make caffeine